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About Us

Ability First Australia is a national body of leading disability organisations working to achieve a fair go for Australians living with a disability. These organisations are amongst Australia’s oldest and most respected charities. All were established from the 1920’s onwards to support children living with the results of polio, cerebal palsy and related conditions.

Our purpose is to work with our Member organisations to ensure that every Australian living with disabilities, and their families, has access to programs that maximise their potential and create opportunities for them to make their own choices. We do this by providing a national focus for these statewide organisations and to help build their capacity to continue providing best practice services and opportunities for innovation.

Ability First Australia works to help build the capacity of its Members by:

  • Coordinating and managing the national event, Walk With Me.
  • Facilitating face to face meetings with key staff in the disciplines of client services, human resources, IT and marketing/fundraising. These meetings encourage the sharing of knowledge and the evaluation of best practice.
  • Facilitating phone conferences for staff at various levels
    developing a staff exchange program.
  • Strengthening relationships with the Federal Government.

Collectively we employ 3500 staff with an equal number of volunteers. The cost of providing our services exceeds $167million per year of which 80% is provided by Governments.

Across all states and territories we provide these life changing services from 200 local sites to over 84,000 clients and their families. These services range from early intervention and childhood and family support, independent living skills, respite and accommodation, leisure access and recreation to Job training and employment.

AFA 2012 Annual Review (PDF - Large file - 2.64Mb) (link opens in new window)

AFA 2011 Annual Review (PDF - 820Kb) (link opens in new window)

AFA 2010 Annual Review (PDF -Large file - 1.21Mb) (link opens in new window)

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